3 Frame 6561B 50hz, 39Mw Gas Turbine Generators

Three Frame 6, 50Hz, Gas Turbine Generators, 39Mw


( Item # = PG0177 )  Frame 6561B 50hz, 39Mw Gas Turbine Generators

Frame 6561B 50hz, 39Mw Dual Fuel Gas Turbine Generators
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Gas Turbine Generators -  Model number: PG 6561B. ISO Rating: 39 MW. Fuel: dual fuel. Scope: Packaged unit including Generator, auxiliary system and control
systems. Year manufactured:  2000. Total running hours: 0. Total starts: 0.
Hours since reconditioning or Major overhaul: 0. Control system: GE
speedtronic Mark V. Starting device: Diesel motor.

 Two (2) New GE Frame PG6561b 50Hz Genset

Gas Turbine -  Model number: PG 6561B. ISO Rating: 39 MW. Fuel: dual fuel.
Scope: Packaged unit including Generator, auxiliary system and control
systems. Year manufactured:  2000. Total running hours: 0. Total starts: 0.
Control system: GE
speedtronic Mark V. Starting device: Diesel motor.

Generator - Year manufactured: 2000. Nominal power: 48.95 MVA. Nominal
voltage: 11kV. Frequency: 50 HZ. Power factor: 0,80. Nominal speed: 3000
rpm. Exciter included brush-less. Cooling: air-cooled.

Performance data:

(15ºC, 60% RH, 1.013 bar)

Fuel; Duel Fuel - Natural Gas/Distillate

Design output :  KW  39,160 / 38,480
Design heat rate : KJ/KWh 11,320 / 11,405
Design exhaust flow kg/s: 141.4 / 141.9
Turbine speed; 5100/ 5100
(base load, 10 mbar inlet pressure and 6,2 mbar exhaust pressure losses).


1 unit within 45 Days 2nd unit in 90 Days


The earlier of 18 months from FOB, or  800 equivalent starts or 8000
equivalent hours.

Frame 6B 50 Hz GTG Scope of Supply

The entire scope of work of the project is as stated below. Wherever,
elaboration is required for a package, annexure have been enclosed. Scope
stated under these annexure is relevant for the respective packages only.
Piping, valves and instrumentation forming integral part of the package are
therefore described with the respective package.

1. THREE (3) number frame-6B [PG6561 (B)] gas turbine with its associated
auxiliaries. (Refer annexure-I).



THREE (3) number Frame-6B [PG6561 (B)] Gas Turbines of which are
characterized by the following equipment & accessories except where
mentioned otherwise:

Note: The GT model offered is split base design (i.e. The gas turbine skid &
accessory system shall be mounted in separate skids)

1.    Base mounted (SPLIT BASE design), single-shaft Frame-6 Gas Turbine and
accessory compartment consisting of:

 Multistage, axial   flow   corrosion   protected compressor.

· Ten-chamber combustion system with standard combustion liners.

· 3-stage turbine with PLASMA GUARD coated first stage buckets.

· Heavy duty, multi-shaft accessory gear box.

· Diaphragm type accessory coupling.

· DC motor driven hydraulic ratchet rotor turning device.

· On-base Dual fuel (Gas and Distillate) system.

· Diesel Engine starting system.

· Dual ignition system.

· Interconnection wiring in rigid metal conduits.

· Base mounted terminal boxes.

· Vibration sensors (seismic type).

· Thermocouples for measuring critical turbine temperature (exhaust).

· Thermocouples for measuring bearing drain temperatures.

· Bore-scope openings.

· Closed, forced fed lubricating oil system including:

-     Dual LO coolers (oil to water).

 - Dual filters with transfer valve for LO & hydraulic oil systems.

                -     Dual filters, with transfer valve for trip oil system.

               -     Shaft driven main oil pump.

                -     Full flow AC motor driven aux. oil pump.

                -     Partial flow DC motor driven emergency oil pump.

                -     Full flow AC motor driven aux. hydraulic pump.

                -     Controls and instrumentation.

· Inlet and exhaust plenums.

· Enclosure

- OFF-base for GT Main skid to meet 85 dBA near field noise level.
- On-base for GT accessory skid & Generator skids

· Negative Ventilation system.

· Fire detection and CO2 protection system.

· On-base piping.

· On base electrical equipment suitable for area classification: Class-I,
Division-II, and Group-D.

· On base Gas detection system.

· Lighting in accessory compartment.
2.    Inlet Air System: (Standard up & side orientation)

· Filter compartment with:

-    Support structure

-    Self-cleaning filter

                -    Lighting and instrumentation
               -    Inlet ducting

· Inlet silencing in the ducting.

· Transition piece from inlet ducting to inlet plenum.

· Structural supports.

3.    Exhaust system (Top orientation):

· Transition piece and straight duct.

· Expansion joints.

· 15 m. Top Exhaust stack (height above finished floor level) with silencer.

· Support structures.

4. Control & Electrical equipment (This equipment shall be supplied loose
and to be located in customers control & switch gear building).

· Speedtronic turbine control panel with:
· Auxiliary panel.
· Motor control center & 125 Volts DCDB with DCSC.
· 125 V DC Battery and battery charger. (Lead acid maintenance free)
5.    Walkways for GT.

6.    Special tools & tackles (one set for the project)

7.    Off-base compressor water wash-skid (one # for the project)

9.    Foundation bolts and shims, etc.

10.    Diaphragm type load coupling

11. Boroscope & Mobile Lube centrifuge 1 set

12. Water injection skid. (With one pump) for NOX Abatement.

13. Cooling water module for Gas turbine, lube oil cooling, atomizing air
pre cooling and leg cooling

14. Power, Control and signal cables


(11 KV, 0.8 p.f.  3000 RPM,   50 Hz   &  3 PHASE)

1. Direct Air Cooled Generator with stator, rotor, built-in RTDs, bearings
and space heaters with foundation frame.

2. Generator with top terminals.

3. Enclosure for Generator & Exciter.

4. Walkway for Generator.

5. Brush-less exciter and auxiliary exciter (PMG) with base frame.

6. Generator Auxiliary compartment consisting of   CT, PT, SP & LA cubicle,
with       cable termination facility

7. Self-cleaning Filter.

8. Load gearbox with skid.

9. CO2 fire protection system for generator.

10. Automatic Voltage Regulator.

11. Generator control & relay panel (loose supply)


Gas fuel forwarding system including Gas conditioning skid, scrubber, Gas
Booster compressor (if required), field piping fuel measurement etc.

Liquid fuel system including unloading, tanks, centrifuge, forwarding skid,
filtering, metering, piping, Drain tank & pump etc.

Instrument air compressor for Gas conditioning skid

Black start DG set

Field piping. (Complete off-base piping).

Generator transformer, Auxiliary transformer, Generator circuit breaker, 11
KV & 6.6 KV board etc.

Station battery and Battery charger (110 V DC).

All field Power cables (Except those between Owner Supplied eqpt)

All field Control cables. (Except   those between Owner Supplied eqpt)

All field Signal cables. (Except   those between   Owner Supplied eqpt)

Electrical system studies.

All utilities supply system including Cooling water system.

Water treatment & Effluent treatment system.

Plant fire protection system including Hydrant system except CO2 fire
protection system for GTG which is by the supplier.

Control   Cabinet

Buried earthling.

Above ground earthling.

Lightning protection materials.

Cable trays & accessories.

Safety equipment like rubber mats, danger boards etc.

Linking of GT Mark-V control panel with any other new/existing system.

First fills & consumables.

Complete civil including soil investigation, civil design, civil works, pipe
racks etc.

Erection & commissioning.


Obtaining statutory approvals etc.

Any item not specifically mentioned in the scope but relevant for the



· Gas at 20 Kgf/sqcm, 5 Micron filtered, 20deg C super heated, at GT flange
(Fuel quality as per GT requirement).

· Distillate at 3.0 atg at GT skid, 5micron filtered, 17 deg C above pour
point (Fuel quality as per GT requirement)

· Exhaust gas at stack outlet.

· All drains at skids  & vents to safe height.

· DM water at inlet of Water injection Skid and Compressor water wash skid
(off-line compressor water wash skid).


· Generator power at GAC outlet.

·   415 v / 240 v supply at GT MCC

· 110V / 220 V DC power at consumption points for Generator control  & relay

· All control & signal cables shall be terminated at skid junction boxes.

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