Gas Turbine Generators and Gas Turbine Engines

Gas Turbine Generators and Gas Turbine Engines

GE Gas Turbine, Gas turbine Replacement, Gas Turbine Generators, Gas Turbine Engines, Gas Turbine Power Plants

Sales of Gas turbine Replacement, Gas Turbine Generators, GE Gas Turbine, Gas Turbine Engines, Gas Turbine Power Plants and Natural Gas Turbines.

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Gas Turbine Generators Listed on
Frame 6561B 50hz, 39Mw Dual Fuel Gas Turbine Generators - Three Gas Turbine Generators -  Model number: PG 6561B. ISO Rating: 39 MW. Fuel: dual fuel. Scope: Packaged unit including Generator, auxiliary system and control systems. Year Manufactured:  2000. Total running hours: 0. Total starts: 0. Hours since reconditioning or Major overhaul: 0. Control system: GE speedtronic Mark V. Starting device: Diesel motor.
Two GE Gas Turbine Generators Frame 5, 18.5Mw, 50Hz - · 2 Units: Gas Turbine  Out-Put-18.5 Mw   (Each) Rating (Iso) · Standards-  14.800 Kw (Each) · Manufactured By- G.E · Fuel Operated-. Gas
Gas Turbine Generator GE Frame 6B 42MW 60Hz - New Frame 6B Gas Turbine Generator Package
Two GE/Hitachi Gas Turbine Generators Frame 5, 15.5Mw, 60Hz -  Hitachi/General Electric Model MS-5001 LA Packaged Power Plant. The Turbine is skid mounted, housed in weatherproof enclosure.

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Gas Turbine Generators
NEW GE LM6000 PC Sprint, 47 Mw/13.8kv, 60hz - Gas Turbine Generator sets new with SCR  Winterized to - 20F (Natural Gas Only) Inlet Spray Mist Evaporative Cooling / Anti Icing Systems (exhaust heat exchangers).
Two Frame 5 PG 5251 M 17 ,750KW  50Hz Gas Turbine Generators sets - The Frame 5 package is a compact generator station with combustion turbine, consisting of 4 main operational subassemblies and all necessary auxiliaries.
160 MW Generator without turbine Make: Westinghouse Model: W501F - Hydrogen cooled, 3 phase, 13.8kv generator, 60 Hz, no turbine
Gas turbine w/o generator - Gas turbine without generator Make: General Electric Model: MS1A3000
General Electric LM6000 Gas Turbine Generator set - General Electric LM6000 Gas Turbine Generator set 60Hz Generator (Brush - Meidensha) 13,800 Volt
Three Alstom Model Pg 6551b 50Hz, 38Mw Gas Turbine Generators - Three (3) Alstom Model Pg 6551b, Single-Shaft, Industrial Type Gas Turbine 50Hz Unit, Fully Packaged And Completed With The Following Major Items Of Equipment For Each Gt:
General Electric Model : PG  9161e Frame  9 DUAL FUEL Turbine with Hitachi 116,000KW 50 HZ Generator - General Electric- Hitachi   FRAME  9 PG 9161e  ( 50 HZ) DUAL FUEL  ISO BASE LOAD : 116,000KW HEAT RATE : 10,800 KJ /KWH  10,152 BTU/KWH
Rebuilt GE LM6000 Sprint 50Hz 54Mw - Basic package- "0" hour LM6000 sprint w/ enclosure, control assembly, generator, 120stig/50hz /54mw at heat rate of 7900 btu/kw hr. scr and transformers available. With one year warranty. 
Gas Turbine Generators Make GE Hitachi Model Frame 5-P  - Five Available Frame 5-P  50 Hz 11 Kv 24 Mw Each Dual Fuel Approx. 48,000 Hrs